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 Eruditus Language School is a small and friendly school which offers personalized, immediately practical and socially relevant language study programs only in small class settings.

Our Language Classes are founded on the idea that languages must be experienced in order to be fully understood.  We truly believe that learning a language is achieved through hands-on, real world practice, not just done through a book. That is why our programs are structured into small and engaging classes in which students interact while mastering the four skills: reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

At our school we are passionate about getting to know each person who walks through our doors and we do our best to create a warm and personalized classroom experience. That is what makes us different!

Here you are not just a learner; you are part of a family.


Our Educational Goals:

  • To provide high-quality language instruction with a student-centred teaching methodology.
  • Passionate, professional, and encouraging teachers and staff.
  • To provide individual and personalized attention in a small classroom setting to meet the goals and expectations of our students.
  • To provide a warm and welcoming environment that is conductive to an interactive learning environment.
  • To provide a wide variety of activities that inspire our students to apply their learned language in the real world.

As ‘seeing is believing’ we are waiting for you for a free trial lesson!

What we offer
  • Intensive, semi-intensive and private language lessons
  • Friendly atmosphere with teachers with University degree in Language teaching who are committed to creating a dynamic and positive learning environment
  • The possibility to find out your level by attending two different classes in order to choose the more suitable one.
  • Small groups – an average of 5 people – which makes learning extremely efficient
  • Practice oriented classes
  • End-of-the-week checks and feedback on your progress
  • Certificate of attendance at the end of the course with the number of hours and the level of language reached when the course finishes


Intensive courses – 2 hours per day- 40 hours per course (4 weeks)

Our most successful courses – A1 level:

By taking our A1 classes you will discover the pleasure of communicating in a new language from the very first week! The focus of class activities is placed on conversation practice so that learners can not only understand but actually use very basic grammar and vocabulary through elementary dialogues.  In this way students will gain basic knowledge useful to engage in simple conversations in daily situations such as: introducing themselves and others, greeting people, asking and giving simple information, numbers, time, finding their way etc. After taking these courses many of our learners succeed in getting a job.


Semi-Intensive Courses - twice or three times per week 1.5 hours per day

These classes are attended by people who already have a job and wish to improve their language skills mostly after work. They are designed for fast learners who manage to keep up with the requirements of the course in spite of being busy professionals.


Private Lessons 

Private Lessons are ideal for people who want to progress quickly,  need to improve a particular skill  (conversation, writing, grammar) or have to prepare for an exam. One-to-one lessons mean you have your teacher’s undivided attention and you can work at your own pace.They are adapted to focus on your own needs and difficulties.They are flexible and personalized. To achieve maximum progress, we evaluate your language level, analyze your needs, and set the objectives of training with you.

Semi-private lessons are also available if you are two or three learners at the same level and having the same objectives.

Levels of our courses:

A1 – 3 months (A1.1, A1.2, A1.3)

A2 – 3 months (A2.1, A2.2, A2.3)

B1 – 3 months (B1.1, B1.2, B1.3)

B2 – 3 months (B2.1, B2.2, B2.3)

C1 – only for private lessons




 Costs for Intensive German and English courses - two hours every day:

  • CHF 500 per month 

 Costs for Semi-Intensive German and English courses:

  • CHF 300 per month - three sessions per week 
  • CHF 200 per month - two sessions per week

Private lessons

  • CHF 40 per hour per person - 3 people
  • CHF 50 per hour per person - 2 people
  • CHF 70 per hour per person - 1 person



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Our school can be reached:

  • by tram (number 4, 17 or 13 to SIHLQUAI)
  • by train (Hb ZÜRICH)

Telephone number: 0041 78 684 83 55 (09-19:00)

E-mail address: contact@eruditus-ong.com